Commercial Gate Repair & Installation Provided for Atlanta, GA Area Business Owners

Liftmaster Gate Operators Atlanta GA

If you’re looking for a company in Atlanta, Georgia that provides reliable commercial gate repair and installation services, then look no further than AmeriServ Garage Doors and Openers (formerly called American Garage Doors and Openers). We are a well-established, family-owned company that has been in business since 2002, and we understand just how important commercial garages and gates are for a business’s daily operations. That’s why we offer Atlanta area business owners a variety of gate operators from LiftMaster, one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. These gate systems are expertly designed with durability, security, and safety in mind, and can be trusted to provide consistent performance under frequent use.

Our commercial gate operators are available in various models that range from light to heavy duty. The model that will best suit your needs will depend on how big your gated entrance is and how frequently the gate is used. Our gate operators come in three different styles, including:

  • Slide – Sliding gates open and close parallel to the fence or wall, rather than swinging inward or outward.
  • Swing – Swinging gates consist of one or two gates that swing open away from the wall or fence they’re attached to.
  • Barrier – Barrier gates are commonly used in parking lots and entrance areas when there is a high volume of cars needing frequent access. This type of gate may be a single arm that raises and lowers, or it could also be a sliding or swinging gate that needs barrier integration to prevent more than one car from entering at once.

In addition to gate operators, we also have a wide variety of commercial garage doors and openers available. So, rest assured that if your business has grown or your needs have shifted, we can provide the solutions you require to help improve your business’s operations.

To learn more about our commercial gate repair and installation services, or if you’d like to upgrade your garage doors or commercial garage door opener, please contact us today. American Garage Doors and Openers is happy serve customers in the Atlanta, GA area.