Garage Door Springs for Broken Garage Doors in the Atlanta, GA Area

Garage Door Springs Atlanta GAAlthough it’s never enjoyable to deal with a broken garage door, faulty garage door springs are one of the best-case scenarios for Atlanta, Georgia property owners. In the grand scheme of things, springs are a relatively fast and affordable fix; the experienced technicians at AmeriServ Garage Doors & Openers (formerly called American Garage Doors & Openers) can have them replaced in as little as an hour.

Our professionals will check the length and diameter of your existing garage springs, then match them to a replacement in the same wire size. (In most cases, we have an appropriate model stocked in our service vehicle.)

We are familiar with providing Atlanta, Georgia homeowners and business owners with the industry’s best and most durable garage door springs. Our standard torsion springs are preferred to other brands for their ability to distribute weight evenly – an absolute must for long-term operation. Additionally, we use galvanized materials to keep your springs free from corrosion, even when they’re exposed to the elements.

Our professional installation services ensure that your springs are installed properly and safely. At the same time, we’ll also make sure to check the surrounding parts – such as cables, torsion bearings,  and rollers – to make sure the new springs are all you need to keep your garage door working smoothly (and safely!) for years to come.

Freshly installed garage door springs from American Garage Doors & Openers can last anywhere from 8 to 12 years (depending on how often you access your home through your garage.) We’ll even warranty your spring repair for the first year after installation; should they fail during normal use, we’ll repair or replace them for free.

Ready to get started with a free estimate? Call our team today, and let them know you need a set of new garage door springs installed in your Atlanta, Georgia home or business. We’ll take care of the rest!